Crafty Haul

I've not really talked about being sick much on RosiewosieCrafts and I don't really want to. But in order to understand why I'm not really sharing a lot of new cards I need to explain it. I've been sick for a while now. I have various disorders, illnesses and diseases. Lately it's so bad I can't even sit up straight like a normal human being anymore. I'm in pain all the time. But the pain attacks are the worst. Even with 4 (3 different) strong painkillers I can't cope. And a side effect of one of the painkillers is I can't keep any food in. I feel weak and useless at the moment. Now I don't need anyone to feel sorry for me. I mean what's that going to do? But I'm trying my hardest to stay positive and so I keep ordering fun things to complete my stamp and dies sets, hoping I can use them again very soon.

I ordered from my favourite craft shop again this week, and just look at the wonderful package that came in 😍 I'm really hoping I will feel okay again soon so I can sit at my craft desk for longer than 5 minutes and get crafty. I miss it so so so much! 😭 For now, I'm enjoying knowing I have all this stuff waiting for me.

Thanks Yuki / Cloud9 Crafts for this lovely package 😍❤️