Compression garments sleeves stockings steunmouwen steunkousen

Ta-da, the new compression sleeves are here!

For those of you who didn't know it yet: I have a disease (lipoedema) in my legs and arms. To prevent it getting worse I wear compression garments (among other things, just the compression sleeves is not enough, but it definitely helps).. Furthermore I wear them to prevent pain. Cause lipoedema hurts like hell. The new sleeves kinda hurt right now though, since they're still so new. The old ones were really worn out (and therefore no longer effective). I'm not really used to wearing these anymore. But now I've got new ones! It'll take some time for my arms to get used to it again.

I also got new compression stockings, but I really don't feel like taking a photo of my legs 🤷🏻‍♀️

I've got both the sleeves and the stockings in skin colour and in black. Which works best for me with my regular clothes. 😄 

Every now and then I share something about lipoedema. June also happens to be Lipoedema Awareness Month, so I might share more in June about this disease.

Rosie loves way too many things; games, crafting, drawing, painting, design, sewing plushies, planners, music, movies, series. On this blog she shares her creations and other snapshots of stuff she likes.

You might know Rosie from her Twitch channels RosieSoCosy (English) / Rosiewosie (Dutch), her YouTube channels, her planner shop Retro Hugs, or perhaps SimsNetwork, her Sims fansite she started back in 2000.

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