Corsair iCUE RGB Tempered Glass Mid-tower Case setup office kantoor studio

I'm so so so tired, but I'm also so happy with this! ❤️ Now we'll continue to save up for the rest. Cable management was interesting. It's not going to get better than this though.

To clarify, (together with Wouter) I bought a new Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX Case. Besides my new case and RAM I don't have any new parts. We're still saving up for those. As you may have seen during the streams my graphics card isn't doing too great. So we'll have to replace that one first. After that we'll replace the CPU and motherboard. And then I'll also pick up some additional fans for my new case. I can fit 10 in there, but I think I'll stick to 6 or 7.

In the past Wouter and I both had (almost) the same Chieftec Mesh towers. And we would've kept them for a bit longer if we could, because they certainly were spacious enough. However the USB ports are outdated. We'll keep the old towers. We might use them in the near future for the little ones.